Andrzejewski and Partners Attorneys and Legal Advisers Office provides legal assistance through: providing personalized legal advice, preparing legal opinions, representing clients before the courts, offices and other law enforcement bodies, including participation in negotiations, mediation and conciliation proceedings. 

Andrzejewski and Partners Attorneys and Legal Advisers Office offers permanent legal services to business entity, including multinational corporations, as well as individuals. 

Andrzejewski and Partners Attorneys and Legal Advisers Office is also perfect as an external chamber by issuing specialist legal advice to other chambers or legal departments in offices. The Law Office also cooperates with an experienced tax adviser. 

Depending on the needs of clients, we provide our assistance in our office, premises of the companies, as well as via the Internet or telephone. 

The firm provides legal services in particular in matters concerning: 

  • civil law,
  • law of contracts,
  • law on bills of exchange, 
  • competition law, 
  • intellectual property rights (copyright and industrial property law) 
  • family law and guardianship, 
  • economic law,
  • company law, 
  • bankruptcy and reorganization law, 
  • debt collection,
  • labour law, including collective labour law, 
  • administrative and court-administrative law, 
  • real estate law,
  • public procurement law, 
  • criminal law, 
  • offence law, 
  • fiscal penal  law, 
  • European Union law. 

For your specific questions regarding the scope of our legal services, please contact Andrzejewski and Partners Attorneys and Legal Advisers Office.